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clash royale tricks for you

The players from the clash of clans can easily understand the concept being the game but, the others may find quite difficult to learn about the style of the game. In order to help them out with their game experience, there are some basic tips mentioned below. The more you learn the game, the more you can easily win the game. The clash royale was mainly designed for the players of the Clash of Clans. The game in the player and his opponent must battle one on one to decide the victory. You will be gifted with some troops and one can enlarge his troops only by using the chest. The chests can either be obtained by winning the game or you can buy it from the game using your real money.

Win a game to grab some chests

Every time the player enters the arena battle with the opponent player he must spend some elixir. There are some spells available which also can be used during the battle. Each spell has its own advantage. The rage spell, increase your troops speed and the freeze spell freezes everything on its way. These spells are given to you only when you cross 3-4 arena battles. These spells are also being obtained with the possibility of the chest received. To talk about the soldiers you have there are several different types in the game. They can be equipped in the battle by spending some elixir and if you are emptied with your elixir you will lose the possibility of winning the game hence, use it wise. Each character requires a different amount of elixir, for example, the Barbarian requires 3 elixirs and so on.

Choosing the troops for battle

Choosing the troops is the important strategy for winning the battle. Each type on the troop has different attack power, speed, range of attack, hit points and damage it can do on the battle field. Each type also has some disadvantages with their opponent so, the victory depends on the choice of selecting the soldier depending on the opponent’s attack and defense style.  In addition to that, your rank depends on the victory of the arena battle. So, to be a winner of your battle you must have huge gold and elixir because these resources are necessary for making your troops evolve. To upgrade your level, and to take number of soldiers and to have a higher level in the game the gold and the elixir are the only sources and one must be aware to using it effectively on the battle. The cards and the spells which you need can be obtained by the more number of chests. The more you have chests the more you can move forward. So to buy these chests one must spend lot of money but there is a solution for the problem. The clash royale hack is available if a player wishes to have huge resource. It helps you to have unlimited gold and elixir for the battle. By using this you can unlock all the chests and enjoy the game.

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